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30742 Charters at Gloucester Warwickshire Railway, Toddington. 2nd April 2014

Posted by Shedmaster on April 2, 2014 at 22:08 1 Comment

Today I was able to be present at one of Martin Creese's well organized 30742 Photo Charters. Martin has been arranging photo charters for 17 years... and it shows. His overall organization of the event, and concern for the individual photographer was manifestly obvious.

I joined the group of photographers and enthusiasts for the…


Trip Report - Billy Jones Wildcat Railroad

Posted by Steve Mitchell on March 6, 2014 at 15:15 1 Comment

Trip Report – Billy Jones Wildcat Railroad

Trip Report – Billy Jones Wildcat Railroad

About – Billy Jones Wildcat Railroad

The Billy Jones Wildcat Railroad is a Grand Scale miniature railroad with a colorful history in Los Gatos, California.

Billy Jones Wildcat Railroad #2 - Yard Goat Images Photo

Billy Jones Wildcat Railroad #2 – Yard Goat Images Photo

The railroad’s oldest piece of operating equipment is the historic steam locomotive #2, or “Two Spot” as she is often called. The 2-6-2 “Prairie” type locomotive was built in 1905 by the Johnson Machine Works of Los Angeles, to run on the …



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