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Shedmaster posted a blog post

Huntley Film Archives

 According to the Huntley Film Archives website , " Huntley Film Archives is one of the largest independent film libraries in the UK, with a collection of more than 80,000 titles and…See More
2 hours ago
Stephen G Thompson posted a video

LMS 45690 loaded test run 21/10/14.

LMS 45690 Leander took to the rails for her mainline loaded test run round the usual test circle from Carnforth to Carnforth via Hellifield and Blackburn aft...
17 hours ago
Brian Hopwood commented on Brian Hopwood's video

Welcome back,,,,,,,Leander returns after long overhaul

"Pot luck on the weather with this one.  Rushed to Pleasington after spotting on realtimetrains that it had arrived at Blackburn 106 minutes EARLY...  On the drive there the sun shone brightly but disappeared behind the clouds as I caught…"
18 hours ago
Brian Hopwood posted a video

Welcome back,,,,,,,Leander returns after long overhaul

The old and the new..... Leander on a loaded test run and the local stopping DMU seen at Pleasington. Leander here after a two year heavy overhaul looked and...
18 hours ago
Images posted by Maureen Arnold
David Hennessey posted a video

The East Lancashire Railway's Autumn Steam Gala 2014 (Saturday 18th October 2014)

On the weekend of Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th October 2014, the East Lancashire Railway held it's annual Autumn steam gala, with four visiting locomotives ...
Trainstrain1 posted a video

Steam train at the former Liverpool Road station in Manchester (UK)

If there should be a shrine for railfans I think it should be in Manchester at the former Liverpool Road station. The most extraordinary is that the place is...
Images posted by Andrew Collett

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