How much pay for 1 million views on YouTube?

How much money brings advertising on YouTube, it depends on many factors, starting with the topics and ending with a volume of advertisers. It's amazing, but some authors receive 20 cents 1000 views, while others of the same views get $ 2.

One million YouTube views, how much it money?

youtubeviewspromo.comVisitors are free, you can only rely on the fact that the rollers added to the ad unit. Just wanted to say that is crucial - geography of spectators.

For example, much more profitable if to increase YouTube views on the English videos. Therefore, American video bloggers are earning a lot of money.

So you can see this, let's analyze one of the channels, which viewers often seen in America. To calculate the profit from one million spectators, you must first figure out how much to pay for 1,000 views on YouTube:

  • The English-language traffic brings about 70 cents per 1000 YouTube views.

Ask any video blogger, how much money goes on advertising per thousand views and get an enormous range of numbers.

Apart from the fact that revenues are dependent on many factors, and they are still floating. For example, video can now see 100 people, and a week later 1,000 people, of course, the amount of income changes.

Some bloggers argue that it comes with a $ 2 1000 views. Do not believe their words are no reasons, this figure is quite possible. But do not think that a million YouTube views they receive $ 2000.

You thought video bloggers wealthy person? Many are not limited only income from advertising. There are still 4 best methods of earnings on YouTube. Direct advertisers occupy not the last place in terms of profit. Also, you can use the affiliate program and get paid simultaneously.

  • If you have already started their own channel and plan to turn it into a source of profit, find out how to increase views on YouTube.

Enough to wonder how much to pay for a million views on YouTube, better try to download videos and collect at least 10 000 views and 1000 YouTube Likes. I give the link for buying more likes on YouTube. This will allow you to calculate the expected return and find out on how much you can expect, gathering millions of spectators.

Please note, we expected revenue in only one roller, and imagine how many receive masthead video bloggers whose channel hundreds of millions of video views.