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Re-metalling middle big-end of #34007 'Wadebridge', Ropley, 21 June 2011

Bob Preston & TW today re-metalled this bearing half (and two for Schools Class: 'Cheltenham').
The bearing and chill are heated evenly to over 250°C, literally spot-checked with a laser thermometer, and molten white metal is ladled in.
The chill moulds the white metal to save machining waste.
The bearing is grooved and tinned with pure tin but the chill is limed to stop the metal adhering where it shouldn't. Edges are sealed with a special putty-like compound because molten white metal is formulated to run freely so will leak fast given half a chance!
(We were too busy to film the pouring of the molten metal - see it here.)
The journal was checked for ovality and found OK: the white metal will be machined to fit it with the correct clearance.
We metalled the 'Cheltenham' bearing halves later.

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Comment by TFC on June 22, 2011 at 8:32
Its nice to know she's on her way back Tony. TFC

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