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Walschaerts valvegear (MHR, 12 October 2010)

Explaining how and why Walschaerts works.
The combination lever, a nearly vertical rod linked to the piston crosshead and to the back end of the valve spindle (which simply makes the valve movements happen a little earlier, regardless of which way the loco is travelling, to be kinder to bearings and make the system more efficient) is omitted from the video for the sake of file-size. Filmed mostly by 'Barney' (John Barrowdale).
See it in action
... and this might help too
Other videos in this series
#2: About boilers
#3: Valvechest and blastpipe
#4: Superheaters
Wikipedia on Walschaerts valve-gear

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Comment by Shedmaster on October 12, 2010 at 22:21
Thanks for simplifying Walschaerts for us!


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